California Allstars Smoed
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California Allstars, Bullets, Smoed, CA Smoed, CA Allstars Smoed, California Smoed, Cali Smoed


Camarillo, California, USA


Eddie Rios, Orby Orta, Kali Seitzer, John Cronin, Juan Hernandez

Other Staff

Andrea Chavarria

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Small Senior Coed competition squad


Various, Neon yellow training; Royal blue and silver competing


The California Allstars Bullets Smoed competition squad is an elite cheerleading team based out of Camarillo, California. They were division World Champions for four years in a row from 2012-2015. The name "Smoed" comes from the fact that they are a Small Coed team. They placed 6th at the 2016 Worlds and 4th at Worlds 2017 before winning back their world champion title at Worlds 2018.

2011-12 Edit

The 2012 World Championships were not the first time that Smoed had placed first, but it was the first year of their back-to-back wins.

2012-13 Edit

Smoed 2013 champions
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This competition season was filmed by AwesomenessTV to become the documentary reality series Cheerleaders. By Smoed winning another World Championship, they became the first Small Senior Coed team to do so. Half of the multiple championship-winning team had to leave at the end of this season due to location or age. 2013-14 == 2014- 2015 == This season was the year that they were considered to not be able to win worlds again, due to low placement at early season competition. Angel Rice and Marci Lawson joined the team this season, and won worlds for the last of their repeats with Smoed! It is just amazing & wonderful!

2015-16 Edit

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